So why Astrology?

Look around… isn’t it mesmerizing! I’ve always instinctively known there was a force greater than me. You know, the force that keeps our feet stuck to the planet, draws the tide in and out, produces the most divine trees and colors of nature that man couldn’t possibly duplicate. Not to mention the radiant ginormous orange orb that rises and sets everyday despite what’s going on in the world. That’s a force! A beautiful mysterious force.

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It wasn’t until I really started digging into my own birth chart to the depth of its meaning

that I began to grasp so many mysteries about myself; The energies around how I was living my life, the paths and detours I’ve taken to get here, the parts I felt were unloveable, how and why I react or don’t react, and the different choices I can make when I am experiencing life on the low road. I struggled with many parts of myself I considered ugly, controlling, too much, and not enough. Through my studies of Applied Astrology I was given the gift of self-understanding, a tender heart and compassion for who I am. Wow! Who knew that was possible! It was so eye opening and truly allowed me to accept and love ALL of me. And now when the ‘ugly’ shows up… I see it, hug it, and let it move on.

Let’s have a conversation that will illuminate your soul and awaken you to your fullest potential.

It’s my desire and calling to share with you all the beautiful parts of yourself. Yes, even those parts you often don’t want to admit having. The parts we shove into a tight little box and put on the shelf for no-one to see. It’s ALL good and right.

Behind my quest to dive deep into spiritual fitness lies a backbone of physical fitness.

I have years of experience studying and analyzing body movement as a professional dance instructor, performer and choreographer. I am a certified personal trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), Grey Cook FMS Level 2, and hold an Advanced Level STOTT PILATES® certification.



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