Awakening Process… for one

I’d love to share this brief but deep glimpse into BEing on this journey …

Maybe something will resonate with you.

My interview with Mark Torgeson from the Center for Planetary Awakening…

Center for Planetary Awakening; Passions Project MEMBER HIGHLIGHT:

Join Colleen Naus as she shares her Journey. Passions and Services. Delving into Intergalactic connections, childhood sensitivity, and a lifelong commitment to unraveling the Mysteries of Self.

A little back history to this conversation with Mark;

Six years ago spirit led me to connect with an incredible pure soul… a Seer and Visionary Guide, Carol Fitzpatrick. She nudged my soul, fractal by fractal, to embody the whole light that I AM. Along the journey I transmuted, shifted, elevated, released, side-stepped, and embraced all emotions that encompass the walk of being a soul in a three dimensional reality. Alongside her sovereign spirit stood many in her legion of awakened souls. I locked arms and wings with a like-minded union of people through her Upliftment Circles and on-going community teachings, events, and Oneness gatherings.

But who knew that her partner, Mark Torgeson, would also play a role in opening my soul body to another level.

Mark is a healer, musician, and composer who conducts sound healing immersion experiences. I first met him last year at their NM retreat. He handed me a pair of tuning forks and that was it… I was immediately transported into the world of vibrational transformation. His child-like playful spirit is contagious and he emanates love and equanimity wherever he goes.

Together these two beings are shifting and transforming consciousness! Their gifts are to be experienced by all. I am truly blessed to be in community with Carol and Mark.

Within their member portal they are highlighting members and sharing the uniqueness of us all. I was invited to be their first interviewee!

Podcast (Audio only)

New Earth Matrix podcast (audio only):

Hear anything interesting? Learn something about me you didn’t know?

Me just like you, you just like me, we are more alike than we realize.

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