Breaking Light

I had a conversation with a dear wise friend a while back regarding the heavy energy lingering in the atmosphere. She wanted to connect with a human to process the emotion called Sadness.

We hammered it out a bit. We did not bypass the feeling, or try to push it away or skirt around it. We looked at it, felt it, talked about it… we took a pause with the emotion. After poking some holes in it we were able to let it drift away.

I am not a fan of spiritual or emotional by-passing. Actually, I refuse to let anyone push or force me into this anymore. The way I see it, when we experience such heavy dark energy it only reveals the spectrum of its opposing bright light! It’s like a trampoline. We sink deep down with our weight and then bounce up high. The deeper the dive down, the higher the soar. We cannot have one without the other. Not yet anyways.

So after processing let’s remember to celebrate and look upward to the dark that is revealing itself. With all the light coming in it is inevitable that we will also be witness to the dark. There is so much power in the light, and the dark knows this. It will finagle and manipulate to get its way. But this is only a pattern if we allow it.

How many of you, like a dimmer switch, have slid the toggle to a very low humming of light. We’ve done this because as old souls we’ve had many past lives of not being believed. Not being believed for our intuitive insights, our natural healing abilities, the knowing to guide others without written text or proof to back it up. We were even punished, banished, and killed for these gifts.

But not any more! Remember my writing titled …. Wise Intuitive Teacher Counselor Healer. ? Rise WITCHes Rise! You are needed Now. You will not be diminished! Go on the mountain top and shine. Witches were a religion of nature. Their innate ‘secret’ knowledge was deemed threatening to those that could not understand or didn’t care to inquire. It was the beautiful connection they were tapped into… the energy of all that was around them.

And if any of you are feeling like this is too much. Or too strange. Many of our great teachers were chastised and pushed against for the offering of their wisdom and gifts. Their light was so bright it could not be handled appropriately so it was viewed as wrong… evil…. Like Jesus, for example; leaders were envious of his following and felt threatened they might lose their positions (power!?). Jesus publicly called out the truth of their sins. All the reasons were simply symptoms of an underlying belief.

Let’s change the pattern. When we see light to the left and dark to the right, let’s hold our center line. It’s not light AND dark, it’s light dark. It is in the blending where we experience the zero point field. Stay in your heart space, do not be swayed. It is here where we create unity… bring your highest self. Your gifts. Let them shine and we will break patterns!

It is a new paradigm. Break into light ✨

Big Love 🖤

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