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Awakening Process… for one

I’d love to share this brief but deep glimpse into BEing on this journey …
Maybe something will resonate with you.
My interview with Mark Torgeson from the Center for Planetary Awakening…

You Are The One

I have been writing and speaking about relational energies for so long now. And yet it is still prevalent. Especially now. We are experiencing energies that are pushing against and making waves in our relationships.

Your Big Three; Sun/Moon/Rising Astrology Class

Teaching has always been my calling, my first love, the place where my soul is seated. I’ve taught dance, choreography, retail sales, product details, personal training, and Pilates along with endless life anecdotes. Now it’s time for me to teach and share the part of me that has always been connected to the energy field and the stars; Astrology and Numerology Classes!

Canvas Rebel – Meet Colleen

We were lucky to catch up with Colleen Naus recently and have shared our conversation below.