Divine Energies

There is a lot of talk and focus swirling around the balancing of Divine Feminine energy and Divine Masculine energy. To clarify right up front, any person can contain, and does embody, both energies. It is not gender based.

Do we fall into one energy more dominantly than another? Yes. It is your core energy. We can fluctuate back and forth within these energies but your leading energy reflects your inner nature.

Although these energies appear opposing, they are also complementary. It can be seen as a dialogue between the head and the heart. Divine Masculine energy brings us reason, logic, and focused analytical thinking. It tends to be more external; taking charge, acting alone, and conquering the physical world. Representing the more emotional inner world is Divine Feminine energy. It is more attuned to intuition and creativity. With a contemplative approach it is concerned with charting the inner space, nurturing, and has a deep desire to share and connect.
Masculine is about doing, Feminine is about being.

For over fifteen years now I’ve been intrigued by these two energies. I’ve read books, attended seminars, engaged in conversations with a variety of well-taught people, and put practices into place all based on how these energies present themselves. What I have come to fully embrace…. I am whole-heartedly divine feminine energy. Not because I am a female, it is the natural energy of my soul. It is my innate nature. So with this, I have recently learned some revivifying findings about Feminine energy and its interaction in relationships.

For starters, we’ve all heard the saying, ‘opposites attract’. This is actually not one hundred percent accurate. Only opposite ‘energies’ attract. For example, I have connected and commonality relationships with my female counterparts… We have the same values and the same energies. But to entangle in a passionate relationship it requires the same values with different energies. This is where the electricity happens!…

I can only speak to my personal experiences and what I have come up against in my Divine Feminine energy. My recent “aha” moment has been very heart-opening and explains a lot of confusion I’ve encountered in my own journey. If you are Feminine energy I do hope this share sparks clarity for you too. And if you are Masculine energy, may you take to one’s heart what I am about to share with you.

Have you ever seen Feminine energy turn into a ball of fire? It either rolls off into a raging blaze or sizzles out into quiet but smoldering ash. Well… when feminine energy is stressed or tired it will adopt a masculine mask. Feeling unsafe, feeling unseen, and not feeling understood, are the three main triggers that push feminine energy into a protective mask of masculine energy. It is a protective mechanism. It is a need not met. And when this happens there is no possibility for romance.

Dang!! When I heard this it was loud and clear!.. And in a huge way, a relief. I really wasn’t crazy!! Well… not in this sense 😉

If you are feminine energy, I’m not sure about you, but these are absolutely my biggest triggers! If any of these feelings/experiences go on for too long I can become the Tasmanian devil!! Yes, it’s true. But!!… Now I better understand why. It’s often in the ‘beingness’ and the ‘why’ that we gain the most valuable information. I am not sharing this to cast blame. Nope!! I realize that my experience in this is because I have ‘allowed’ myself to be in these positions. I’ve remained in situations too long where I allowed myself to repeatedly not feel seen, not feel heard, and not feel understood. The result was always me not feeling safe. Then I’d sit within my own confused energies and rumble with frustration. I couldn’t untangle what was going on within my inner world, aka, my emotions.

It makes sense now… it was protective masculine energy that would cast a shadow over my feminine energy, for the mere sake of self-protection. Ick! Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE external masculine energy. However, the internal masculine energy take-over would throw me out of balance and require me to retreat… to look within to encourage thought and reflection. Eventually I’d filter it out and return to my innate nature of feminine energy and emotional presence… whew! Let me tell you though, it’s a painful and exhausting process! A process that has now come to fruition… contract expired! I allow these past experiences of blurry boundaries to be complete. I now draw, to me, what I’m creating. I see it, I feel it, I know it, and I consciously choose to write a new contract for myself.

Feminine energy wants to be sought after, pursued, cherished, and honored. Did you know this is many many years of evolution? True. Feminine energy is prey therefore needs to be assured they are protected. Feminine energy needs to be seen and know it is being felt and given attention.

♥️♥️♥️These three factors are the life and death of a relationship with feminine energy♥️♥️♥️

♥️Feminine energy needs to be seen. Spoken from the mouth of masculine energy, Tony Robbins, “Feeling unseen is the chemistry for a breakdown of the relationship.” He goes on to share that if feminine energy continues to feel unseen it will eventually seek it elsewhere.

♥️When feminine energy is offered empathy and compassion it allows for the connection that expresses an appreciation for what she/he is going through. And if a person is feminine energy at their core, they will not be able to let go of something until she/he feels completely understood.

♥️As already mentioned, it’s thousands of years of evolution in the making… feminine energy is the prey, it needs to feel safe and protected. Period.

So as you are moving through your days, your life… What energy are you emitting… What energy are you honoring? We all have things to learn by better understanding both divine energies. Everything is made up of 99.9999% energy. Just sayin’. Whether you resonate with one energy more than the other, it can be a beautiful dance when they are equally embraced and honored.

After all, the merging of emotional presence and action is an exhilarating dynamic that can create a meaningful and passionate relationship. It’s yours for the taking ?
Be courageous, be gentle.

Big Love ?

If you’re interested in reading more about these energies interacting, here’s a supportive read:


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