I’m Homeless…

I am dirty. I am without free access to food. I smell. I am a nomad. My hair is disheveled with neglect. I am mentally unstable. I am unpredictable. I am rugged. I am resilient. I am a master of adversity. I am creative. I am resourceful. I am living by choice. I am…

A fellow in my work parking lot made my day today! He is homeless. Or as we easily throw out that quick assessment, so he appeared. How can we truly know his position? He struck up a conversation with me, and beyond his floating broken stream of words was a light and lifted energy. It flickered just behind the veil of his sparkly blue eyes. I could see it!… more so …. I could FEEL it. What about this conversation made my day? It actually wasn’t the conversation, or necessarily the words, but the universal connected love he left behind.

It was a divine coordinated meeting and our energies met within the overlapping space of two circles. The sacred space between two people, the “intersection” of two sets. I once heard someone share with me that this is the sacred space where relationships exist. This could not be more true.

I heard the calling to stop whatever I was doing and be wholly present with him. Nothing else mattered. After a few moments of mostly me listening to fleeting life babble, he began walking away. As he was walking away I joyfully yelled out “goodbye” and expressed my delight in meeting him. He had introduced himself as Daniel… I had equally shared my name. As I was waving goodbye in a girlish-giggly fashion he all of a sudden stopped dead in his tracks. He did an abrupt 180 turn so he could face me directly, and he pointed at me with this angelic devilish smirk… I could see his brilliant white aura. The air even became lighter. Then with a warm wide smile on his face, still finger pointed at me, he asked, “Do you know who you remind me of?”. With shocking delight I said ‘no’ but I was totally intrigued by what the answer could possibly be… one in which I could never have predicted.

The tears! In an instant, tears welled up just behind the moment of reality. Never actually flowing but the kind of tears that water log your vision and brim up just inside your eyelids.

We are all one, we are everyone ~ It could not have been clearer. At that moment, time was suspended. I could see myself in his eyes… he could see me.

Have you ever been fearful to interact with a person we might deem homeless, dangerous, or any other variety of label? Merely due to the clothes on their back, disheveled appearance, carrying items that could, only for them, have a high significance or stand for some level of security for them. We’ve all been there at that moment of choice. Do we walk around them? Pretend we don’t see them? Just walk past and avoid eye contact? I must get this from my Mother, but I do my best to acknowledge these people. Even if it’s just eye contact or a gentle smile.

My training facility has been infiltrated by numerous homeless people over the years. From ones so dangerous and unpredictable it required assistance from local officers, to those I’ve hand-delivered drinking water to as they were snug in their sleeping bag reading a book. There will always be thousands of types of people appearing ’homeless’, and I can never truly know the story that landed them in that position.
But what I do know is they have to get up every day; decide what to wear, face loss, success, shame, hurt, … just like me. Them just like me, me just like them … we are all energy fields.

I am you, you are me, we are one.

They have had to live every day of their life, just like me. And each person has a story to tell. Some chapters may be heroic. Some may be about loss, some of fear, some about achievement or joy. Just like my story, really not much separation… We are all just energy.

When we interact with someone… at the store, coffee shop, gas station, or on the street, remember you are just a moment in their story. Make it a story that uplifts, if only for a moment. Whatever you do, take that moment to be present enough to make it a story that doesn’t leave a scar.

I know Daniel will appreciate it!

Big Love 🖤

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