I am a W.I.T.C.H.. I am a Wise (Way-shower), Intuitive, Teacher, Counselor, Healer ~ (thank you Deja Blu!) I know my history. I am in this world, not of it. I will not be beaten down. I am here, open, and vulnerable, and nothing is going to stop me from continually returning to my stable self-loving ground…. Nothing. This is my place of least wobble… and life is wobbly!.

I will utilize my magic and gifts of full self-expression and full connection to our human family, and take it step-by-step to full completion of unconditional love… ALWAYS a work in progress.


We all are channels. It’s called living. Speak your heart ~ we’ve all got one. We all have gifts and we are all capable of magic.

Magic ~ a fun yet multi-faceted word.

the power of apparently influencing the course of events by using mysterious or supernatural forces.
[Or maybe simply the power of our own focused thoughts !?]

2. wonderful; exciting.
[It is just that simple!]

My personal magic is being so involved in the moment there is nothing else, I am devoted to my present moment. Funny how we all want to go on vacation to ‘recalibrate’, ‘escape’, ‘clear our heads’, but truly it’s in the precious moments that we get re-energized. It’s rest for the mind. Vacation is wonderful for all those descriptives yet not necessary. Wherever I go, there I am. The key is always HERE… not projecting my psyche into my past or my future. If I’m projecting my thoughts into a worried future or depressed past I am perpetually stressing my system, raising cortisol levels in my body. Oh and yes, it can be an addictive pattern. We get addicted to that adrenaline of the drama and our internal stories. We like to go down the rabbit hole and dig out different tunnels that distract us from accepting our own fears… not good enough, not worthy, unloveable, loss, regret, the unknown, not smart enough, not handsome enough…. On and on. Yes… you too! Remember, me just like you, you just like me. I’ve not yet met a human that hasn’t experienced these emotions/thoughts at some point in their physical life, if not daily. I mean we are here to encounter the full spectrum of emotions and then sift through it all on the journey to our best self, aren’t we? It’s life’s curveballs that crack us open to reflect, expand, and shorten our come-back rate. (Not sure what I mean by come-back rate? Ask me!)

I digress….

True magic is not letting the external circumstance disrupt the peace within ourselves.

Everyone has magic and everyone has a gift to offer. Everyone gets to be the shaman of their own reality. We are all deemed worthy to full soul-expression. Trust yourself. Resist judging or blaming others. Approach all that arises in life with kindness and a gentle heart. And yeah, there are times we are going to blow it… get mad, raise our voice, retract, blame, go silent… whatever. This is where we circle back to magic ~ returning to the present moment. Such a wonderful reminder that ‘all is truly well’. Ha! Easier said than done right?! There’s that ‘human’ stuff again, always sifting and sorting through our circumstances, relationships, feelings, etc. Such a fun cycle of life we have here. But have you ever noticed that when you are doing what your soul resonates with, what you love to do, what comes easy, that you are not projecting to the past or future? That you are in the present moment? I believe it’s in these (precious) present moments where our magic and gifts unite. This is where our light shines…..

My story about Fig St:

One late Friday afternoon while driving home from volunteering with the horses out east, I’m cruising along… hot, dirty, (probably stinky!), and listening to one of my many mentors on an audio book about ‘do we recognize our gifts in the world?’. It got me pondering how we can be so hard on ourselves and believe we don’t have one, or haven’t ‘found’ it yet. Well, as a side note, to me, ‘found’ implies ‘lost’… is it lost, or can we just not see it yet?. Maybe we are not present enough to recognize? Or are we judging that what we feel is our gift in the world is not cool enough, important enough, special enough … you get the idea.

This mentor was reminding me that a gift is a place of offering that feels warm, comfortable, easy, like shining a bright light in the world. It could be the ability to arrange a beautiful bouquet of flowers, the high you receive when you are volunteering to help children with their homework, being an amazing Mom or CEO, or knowing the coolest ways to cut veggies (as I recently learned from a friend!). Yes!! These are gifts… your offerings to the world. We need you! When we are honoring our ‘gifts’ we are most likely ‘present’. How magical is that!

So as I’m deeply listening to my audio, I arrive at a red light. One of the things I do is active meditation while driving… I notice the trees, the people milling around, cracks in the road, or maybe the clouds that appear to flitter by at a faster rate than normal as I travel in the opposite direction. As I rest at the red light I notice the cross street is named Fig St. I immediately get an intuitive hit that this means something. Really?! A street named Fig St means something. “Yes!” That’s the answer that came back again, this time louder. So I asked, “Ok, what does this mean?”

And then Fig St unscrambled itself, and there it was …. GIFTS!!! Clear as day, no coincidences!

Ha!! I love the humor of the universe! It actually is pretty funny if you pay enough attention to the many ways it pokes at you. Well, there it was. My moment of presence was my gift. At that very moment it was confirmation to not hide but embrace my gifts of spiritual writing, of being a way-shower, using my voice to express what others cannot, to fully trust my clairaudience and knowing, and to assist and guide healing in others through my life experiences (11 Lifetime movies! Lol). I was humbled. I thought about all the beautiful gifts of the people I know. So much magic!

So I ask you to share… share with me your gifts! Be brave, shine your light. Be present, see what the universe shows you. Fall down, get dirty, be mad, sad, then grasp onto your gift and pull yourself back to the present moment; dust off and crawl back up on your feet. Life can be wobbly but YOU are magical. The more present we are the more we can share kindness and a gentle heart, and know all is truly well. Thank you for being on this writing and intuitive-guided journey with me, I do embrace it as my gift. What are your gifts? It’s time to stand out in the open, shine your light. We need all the magic we can get these days!

Big love. ♥

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