Neptunian Love

Being a fish, a deep fish… a Pisces in the 12th house deep… I am excited about the energy shift that will flow in towards the end of December that can open the window to spaciousness. Jupiter is moving into Pisces… it’s traditional home sign. Then Neptune will cruise into its modern Pisces home sign to buddy up with Jupiter. This will remain with us throughout most of 2022.

Although this energy can bring in a strong swirling presence of confusion, there is also opportunity for extraordinary breakthroughs. An elevated state of consciousness that revolves around love, kindness, compassion, and spirituality will reach a wider bandwidth. It will no longer be reserved for those in this awakened work.

It’s also about creativity, imagination, vision… looking forward. All the dreaminess of Pisces. But there’s one hiccup, Pisces has no boundaries (A blessing and a curse.. Let me tell you!). Pisces is like the cesspool of the zodiac, it’s a bit of all the signs. It can lose its self identity purely out of the desire for connection… one is all, all is one!

So in this energy of confusion and dissolving of boundaries, it can go one of two ways… the confusion can dissolve boundaries of the ego self to seek deeper connection, see the essence of the other, see through the eyes of LOVE… in the esoteric sense, if there is no boundary between you and me, that’s Love.

But on the other hand if there is no boundary between you and I, and I am caught in judgment or self-righteousness, then the ego is gripping to survival of self, and that is FEAR. That is loss of self, and the ego does not like to dissolve. That is the ego’s job though, right?!…. Holding tightly to it’s identity. Even when it is dissolving into the higher realm of Love, it grips tight. It fears losing “self”.

Use the time that is approaching to choose the higher frequency of Neptunian energy.. turn towards Agape Love: unconcerned with the self and concerned with the greatest good for another… unmerited and gracious… unconditional Love, “the highest form of Love, charity”.

And so it is…Big Love ?

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