No Invitation Needed

I cried over my coffee today.

Americano… a little blonde, subtly sweet. There were rainbows in the floating bubbles of foam! Don’t ask me why but fun tears showed up… I was even laughing out loud. I was teared up over the joy in these teeny tiny rainbows that filled the floating bubbles in my cup. I was delightfully surprised at what my eyes could see. And no invitation was needed. No invitation was needed for me to enjoy this silly, very present feeling… to be exactly who I was at that moment. The beautiful sensitive unique creature that I am. No invitation needed.

These four words, “There is no invitation”, could not have resounded more clearly in my energy field. It vibrated through me then expanded past my physical body to drift and sprinkle to every corner of my life. There is no invitation! What am I waiting for?!?

There is no time to ‘wait’ for another to invite us to be who we are at every essence. Waiting for an outside factor to invite us to own our worth and purpose will create a downfall of our very human existence. It is our intrinsic and innate values that defines our worth, not what we possess, or our status in life. You are the host of your own life party! Invite every ounce of you to show up. Yep, as I talk about on my Applied Astrology website, “…even those parts we shove into a tight little box and put on the shelf for no-one to see.”

I invite you to dust off that box on the shelf, crack it open, and take a peak at these shoved away treasures. Or better yet, let me walk next to you and discover those tucked away parts you say you don’t like, and shine the light on them in just the right angle so you can see them for the gems they really are. That’s an invitation worth taking. What’s anything in this physical world if it’s not raw and authentic!? Well, at least that’s how I see it…

I am taking my own invitation to show up in the world in the way I was designed to be… sensitive, intuitive, knowing, caring, uniquely quirky, a trail-blazer, a team player, silly, endlessly optimistic, thoughtful, offering ‘benefit of the doubt’, open-minded, committed, communicative, ability to see the larger picture… and not to leave out, feisty, sometimes talkative, stubborn, pushy (was that my outside voice?!), capable of tripping into pinholes of semi-depressive states, picky, controlling (actually this has improved greatly!! :)). You get the point!

I am inviting ALL of myself to show up and do what I came here to do….

To serve! To offer wisdom from my hard-knock-life experiences! To support you through YOUR adversities. To see YOU for ALL that you are and ensure you still feel Loved! To offer you insight and guidance when you feel stuck in the mud or just down-right paralyzed… I promise I will nudge and follow… you will NEVER go it alone. It is my gift and I am so blessed to stand in the desire to be of service to YOU.

What invitation are YOU waiting for?

I got you… Soul Guidance packages offered. Or even just a one-time reading. Applied Astrology, Numerology, Tarot, Tools for life’s adversities… small group classes.
What is calling you?

I’m here… waiting to invite you to Love ALL of YOU!

Big Love 🖤

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