Illuminated Soul Readings

Through my enlightening approach we will illuminate your Self… your Soul. We can draw from the tools of Astrology, Numerology, and Tarot to shed light on your promise in this lifetime. We will discover your power areas, your challenges, and yes, even those icky parts you wish you could change about yourself. They are ALL loveable!

Let’s have a conversation to wake you up to your fullest potential. It’s my honor to assist you in getting on solid ground through loving yourself, so when life delivers, you will quickly regain your footing.

Digits & Decks

Numerology and Tarot Reading

Online or In-Person Reading with Colleen


In this reading we will illuminate your soul, personality, and destiny numbers. You will learn what you are ruled by this lifetime and how you can utilize these energies to stay in your loving empowerment. We will take a look at your current cycle, prepare you for the next, then wrap it up with a Tarot reading to gain an all-encompassing perspective.

You will feel guided with Love and leave with a Soul upliftment!

*Birthdate and full name at birth required.


Astrology, Numerology & Tarot

Online or In-Person Reading with Colleen


The Trifecta is the beauty of three ✨. It is the divine merging and creation of your Birth Chart energies, Numerology, and Tarot that tell the full story of YOU. Such a magical weaving of tools! We will discuss the vibration of your soul, what you came here to reach towards, how to utilize the high road energies when feeling stuck or stagnant. We will look at the cycle you are standing in now and how to prepare for the ones ahead. This reading is a must!!

You will feel guided with Love and leave with a Soul upliftment!

*Birthdate and full name at birth required.

*Soul Check-in

*For Existing Clients

Online or In-Person Reading with Colleen


Check-in on current transits, monthly energies, and/or a deepening understanding of your chart. During this session we can work with and weave together the current energies of the stars, planets, numerical cycles, and Tarot wisdom to help you move in a desired direction.

The only way to assure your future is to create it.

I’ve been passing my time remembering my future.

How are you passing time? Are you spending time remembering your future?… or are you in the daily routine of reliving your past.  Pick one ~ You are in charge ~ always ?

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