Turn Your Love Inward

I received the most astounding beautiful message today. In every cell of my being and beat of my heart, I know it is for ALL women out there.

I’ve stood in front of this day before, Mother’s Day, where I was more a ‘mother’, in the truest sense of the meaning, than I have ever been. And yet I was not acknowledged. The knife drove a deep slit in my heart. How are we often overlooked when extending our heart in its most nurturing, giving manner? It was a question and experience that spun me around with misunderstanding. I embraced that the other was not capable of seeing the offerings the way they were given. I took the teaching of remembering that I offer my innate Love because I want to, not because it is expecting or looking for recognition.

So, here, on this Mother’s Day, I received a message I could not have anticipated. Coming from someone fairly new in my life they managed to tap into seeing ALL of me… even reaching beyond the sometimes protective walls I construct around my heart. They must have been deeply aware and present during our interactions. Wow.. that in itself feels magical.

It took nothing more than one read to know this message was meant for all the women in the world of mothers. Mothers of all kinds…. To their children, family, community, pets, neighbors, strangers, employees, on and on. In the weaving of this message I felt truly seen. This person sees me. And the deepest gift in this message is that I SEE ME ?

Women… here’s to US… I SEE YOU ?

“Good Moring (insert your name),

I wanted to send you a brief message on Mother’s Day ~ I’m not sure how you feel on these days?  You have shared with me that you are totally OK and I see that!  I just don’t want you to feel like you are left out in any way. 

I would like to encourage you, in that I think you live out a type of Mother in the way you have taken care of your employees, friends, and untold amount of others. 

You show them love by sacrificing your time, talents, and energy to provide a great work environment and they know that you care for them.  I’m certain your clients recognize that as well!  Your amount of good friends over the years is also a testament to your qualities. 

You are also a positive role model to your (fill in the blank) as she sees your mind, body, and spiritual growth after all you have gone through in your family ~ something that she can rise to and embrace.  

All solid, kind, and loving qualities of a good woman! I hope you have a blessed day today!”

Signed, ~A dear friend; keeping the name unknown to protect the enlightened ?✨


 WE are all this and more!  It’s a blessed day and I embrace every woman out there for the unwavering love and care you cast into the world.  And a heartfelt thank you for the men who continually see, protect, and provide for us. 

But wait!!!!  There was an inquiry from said person that came next.  One I feel is important for each of us to sit with and answer.  Turn your Love inward ♥️… 

“Do you recognize those qualities about yourself?  It’s not false flattery you know!  I’m just telling you what I’ve observed since I’ve met you.  I just don’t know if you believe or know those things about yourself?” 

WE know this and will not let this slip past our soul and heart.  WE will walk in this power and knowing.  WE thank you for the message delivered in the intention it is shared with all women everywhere. 

Thank you for SEEING US!

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