Two Kinds of People

Lately I’ve been hearing and reading about the different labels we like to toss out there about each other. Regardless of topic; political, spiritual, corporate, relationship, etc. It seems people are very easily put into categories or given labels… as if there’s limited types of people in the world. Well, I believe there are endless types of people in this world. But if I “had” to go binary and narrow it down to two types of people…

I’d say the two kinds of people in this world are people with issues and dead people.

Regardless of the depths of spiritual (self) work I do, issues and adversities still show up. Do I shake them off quicker? Yes. Do I berate myself over them? Not any more. Do I forgive? Yep ~ even if I’m not forgiven. Do I still react? Absolutely. Can I admit when I’ve blown it? Sure. Do I express empathy and compassion? I hope so… to the best of my ability.

It’s true what Michael Singer says, we all have issues. And they are on the inside, not the outside. Our self-growth begins with the awareness of these inner icks. Even though I’ve been in what feels like a forever process with my own internal ‘whatever’s’, I have accepted that I will never get them done. Even though I’m a double water sign, like the Dalai Lama, I am far from his graces. So I will never get near the self-growth I’d like to get done while in my physical body. But I’m going to continue to give it my best shot.

I’m with you…. not above you, not below you.

In my perspective (which I understand is minuscule) labels are only things we assign to allow meaning to ourselves. Because if we didn’t have a label for ourselves what/who would we be and wouldn’t that feel scary. ?!

What the heck is that all about anyway? Ask yourself how you describe yourself… A vegetarian, a Mom or Dad, a business owner, teacher, student, husband, wife, healer, Christian, life coach, athlete, … or a fun label we read or heard from a mentor we admire, cuz these labels always seem more ‘justifiable’ when sharing …. The list is eternal. But what is that really? Does that allow us to feel better about this journey we are all on… help explain the choices we’ve made? All I’m inquiring here ~ which is really what this writing is all about ~ is what does that do for us? Yes we only have words we’ve created as humans to communicate so I understand how these things come about. But don’t you think sometimes it can separate? I mean if you label yourself ‘this’ then that leaves me as ‘that’. So if you are this and I am that, then are we equals? It’s just something I’ve been witnessing and pondering. And true division can happen on the smallest of scales.

So I’m sticking with the idea that if I had to go binary and choose ‘this’ and ‘that’ ~ two kinds of people ~ I will stand my ground that the only two kinds of people on this physical planet are people with issues and dead people.

Love each other label-free. And be willing enough to shed your ego and live with an open vulnerable heart. This is a fabulous first step.

Maybe try some of this too…

Meet each other where we are ~ at the top of the bridge.
Seek to understand.
Inquire what obstacles have been in another’s life.
Ask about their hurts, betrayals.
Love them.
Don’t pity them.
Stand and walk side-by-side.
Sense the underlying reason for their reactions, behavior, words.
Listen, validate, and explore.
Offer humble and genuine curiosity.

It’s through deep listening and validation that we can begin to create deeper connections. Remove your label… you might be surprised at the openness that greets you.

Big Love 🖤

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