Water runs deep…

to the depths of our souls. 

It’s fluid, it’s sensitive, it’s mystical, and it’s often untapped, intense, and overwhelming.

Similar to Fire, we are often conditioned to hide our Water. If we cry, are we weak? If we reveal our tears are we afraid of judgement? Embarrassment? Will we be labeled too sensitive or too intense?

Water is the way of our birth, our nourishment, and our cleansing.

Water offers us the gift of compassion, intuition, creativity, and emotion. It is here to teach us how to FEEL. It is the depth of Water where we intimately meet ourselves… each other. …Let your water rise.

Take a risk and free your Water without condition. Dive down into the underbelly to raise the dark to light. Your Water may feel a bit chilly or even frozen and it can feel downright scary when it starts to thaw. Take the risk… feel the intensity of your Water … Stay in your light, stay in your truth.

Stay in the intention of reconnecting with your deep spiritual power.

Be appreciative of where you are, and open your life to more beauty.

It’s good to cry, it’s great to hug, it’s totally alright if you’re intense, and it’s beautiful to witness water when it flows freely.

Let go and take the dive. May you always feel the magical depth of your dreams!
Big Love 🖤
♋️ ♏️ ♓️

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