Your Big Three; Sun – Moon – Rising Astrology Class

Teaching has always been my calling, my first love, the place where my soul is seated.

I’ve taught dance, choreography, retail sales, product details, personal training, and Pilates along with endless life anecdotes. Now it’s time for me to teach and share the part of me that has always been connected to the energy field and the stars; Astrology and Numerology Classes!

I am very excited!… nervous but excited!! It reminds me of the jitters that filled my body when I taught my first Pilates client. ….What if I forgot how to teach the exercise or didn’t give the right cues?! Or I could’t remember the spring settings or even the name of an exercise??

Truth is… I fell right into step and since 2001 have been loving every minute of it.  So in the name of my heart and its love for teaching, it’s time for me to step into my elevated self and teach from the deepest part of my knowing ~ intuitive messages through the tools of energy Astrology, Digits, and Decks.  
Please take a look and my first Astrology class offering and see if it calls to you.  This will be the first of many. 💫
At Illuminated Soul we will be hosting a variety of classes to come; Upliftment Gatherings, Sound Healings, Astrology Classes, Bowls & Decks, Yoga, Meditation & Messages…. Stayed tuned! 💓

Check out this Meetup event from “Illuminated Soul Sessions”

“Your Big Three; Sun/Moon/Rising Astrology Class”:

About this event

We will gather and spend some time reviewing the deeper meanings of the big three; Sun, Moon, and Rising. We will discuss how they interact, support, and can push against each other… all unique to you.

Each person will receive their printed birth-chart along with a gifted journal to take notes. I will spend some time discussing the unique energies of each persons Sun, Moon, and Rising combination.

We will learn, laugh, be wowed, and hopefully illuminate a new discovery within ourselves. We will have a wonderful and intimate conversation together! Isn’t Astrology fun!?… it’s our cosmic blueprint 💫

Seating will be provided. Please dress comfortably, bring a drink of choice, a writing utensil, and your curious self!

Please RSVP by July 8th for the 11th class, or July 28 for the 31st class to and provide your birth date, time, and location.

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